A sunny break in a devastating month…

This has been a very strange year, first with Covid-19, and then recently, hurricane Janos and it’s consequent flooding and damage. Even for those of us not greatly affected, the shock of the damage and misery that the flood brought to our village will never be forgotten. The expressions on the faces of our friends […]

The Monastery of the Holy Virgin, Lamia

The Monastery of the Holy Virgin at Lamia lies just a few km away from Dilinata village on an impressive hill with amazing views of the village as well as the gulf of Argostoli and the sea. It is worth a stop as the location has an special atmosphere and the church and the views […]

Kefalonia & Covid-19 August Update

Kefalonia is following Greece’s strict protocols for controlling Covid-19 and it’s working! In Kefalonia there have been 10 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic and no hospitalised cases. No new cases have been reported in Kefalonia over the past few days.   So what are we doing on the island to keep Coronavirus numbers […]

Underwater prints for sale!

These images are inspired by my infinite love of the sea and my passionate love of photography! I’ve combined some of my best photographs and experimented with colour to produce these pictures which I hope you’ll love. Printed on any material, or canvas and available in different sizes to purchase. To inquire or order please […]

Dr. Christian Barnard left his heart at the tiny church yard of Farsa’s Saint Friday!

On the 25th of July (the eve of the St. Friday) celebrations are held in the tiny church at Farsa beach. The church was built slowly, with donations from the villagers, on the site of a family church that was started but never completed over 200 years ago and was consequently destroyed by war and […]

A small and beautiful world can be found right under your nose!

Take a moment and have a closer look at the things you may normally pass by… I’m very fortunate to live beside the sea. I appreciate the view, the smells and the sights but very often I overlook the smaller, micro world as I’m often in a rush. I glance at the view and then […]

Lockdown has eased for us and with cautious optimism the preparations have restarted…are we meeting soon?

Kefalonia’s timeless beauty remains untouched during these difficult times. Luckily I can continue to explore this charming island during the summer months and to record its beauty. Normally work begins to renovate, clean and decorate accommodations, taverna’s, shops, cafes, bars and other premises early in the year in order to be ready in time for […]

Experience our fabulous Kefalonian nature as well as hospitality in a time of social distancing

In this period of uncertainty one definite constant is “Philoxenia” – the Greek tradition of hospitality and the love of strangers, or as we say family we just haven’t met yet! The Greek government has just released measures to ease the public lockdown and if everything goes well, we will expect to welcome visitors in […]

Cautious optimism as lockdown measures may begin to ease

As talk of easing lockdown measures begin in some parts of Europe we are cautiously optimistic that Kefalonia will be welcoming friends back soon! The outbreak of Covid-19 has caused a very difficult period for everyone, and the island is no exception. By now we are usually ‘open for business’ but strict measures have prevented […]

It’s awfully quiet here without you…

So it’s been a few weeks since we’ve spoken but we were left speechless and upset by the initial shock of the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide and the reality of what it means for all of us. It took some time to accept our new and different circumstances but we have adapted and we remain safe. […]

Summer 2020 loading…

Summer 2020 is nearly here!!! We have many beautiful beaches, activities and attractions to share with you, so whether you’re looking for total relaxation, an adrenaline fuelled holiday or anything in between we have something for everyone. Experience local culture through traditional cuisine and products, join in a festive celebration or visit one of our […]

little diver

Snorkeling fun in Kefalonia!

Whether you are a novice or experienced at snorkeling there is always something new to discover in our beautiful turquoise sea! As well as being incredibly relaxing, snorkeling can be exciting and fun for any age. There are many stores where you can buy snorkeling equipment – from good value basic sets to the more […]

Megas Soros, the highest peak of the Ionian Islands

Ainos is not only the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands, it is also a national park with unique flora and fauna making it a magical place to hike in all seasons… In winter it usually snows on Ainos and it can become very cloudy and misty obscuring the magnificent panoramic sea views. This year […]

Experience an authentic Greek cruise around the Ionian islands with Captain Christos

This is an experience not to be missed! I had the luck to take this stunning 3 day cruise on one of the most beautiful boats, touring around the breathtaking islands of the Ionian Greek sea! (the cruise could be arranged as a full experience or combined with some land accommodation for a longer holiday) […]

Short stories from Kefalonia #1: A Rainy Day in Agia Efimia

Over the past years the tourist season has extended and autumn for me is the best time of year on Kefalonia;  the weather gets cooler, the light is sweeter, the beaches are washed and calm, the visitors are fewer. It often rains for a couple of days, normally it doesn’t last for long and the […]

Short stories of Kefalonia #2: A stork in Agia Efimia

In autumn the climate becomes milder and it is a great time to observe the changes in nature and small animals. My village, Agia Efimia is beautiful during this season, the village is still open for visitors, but at the same time winter activities have started. At sunrise the children are collected from the main […]

Virgin Mary Drapaniotissa Celebrations

Theotokos Myrtidiotissa is honoured in Kefalonia at St. Dionysios church (or Church of Virgin Mary in Drapano) where the Sacred Icon is kept. Theotokos Drapaniotissa is the Patron of Argostoli and is also known as “Panagia of Drapano” or simply “Drapaniotissa” . Celebrated on the 24th September where ceremonies in her honour take place and […]

Have you recently moved from the UK to Kefalonia?

I was recently contacted by the team at RDF Television UK to see if I could help with sourcing people for a new TV show they are putting into production. They are making a new series called ‘My New Greek Life’ which follows couples and families leaving the UK to set up their new life […]

Interview #2 Yury Martynov

For us holidays are usually a time to relax but exploring the area around us is always an important part of our trip. One of the best parts of my job is getting to meet people of all ages from all over the world when I welcome them to the properties that I manage. As […]

Interview #1 Tim Lee

We’re a family of four from Devon in the UK. We normally go on holiday in our campervan, but our two sons who are now young adults, are finding this is increasingly unappealing. Although summer is the busiest period for those of us working in the world of tourism we are lucky enough to meet […]