1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: an afternoon swim at Fteri Beach

My friend Maro and I with our two sons  took a skippered boat with Cpt Simos from Zola harbour to the breathtaking Fteri Beach! The beach is also accessible via a hiking route but chose to have a relaxing afternoon… enjoying the crystal clear water, the lush green backdrop between the white textured rocks and… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Koroni Beach

Feeling the sand between our toes we spent the day relaxing and playing on Koroni Beach. Swimming in the calm and shallow waters beneath a backdrop of greenery.  The day passed so we wandered up to the beach bar and watched in wonder as the sun set. Just enjoying a simple life for a few… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Waking up at the sunrise, Nikiana Lefkada

We took a short visit to Lefkada to meet up with friends on the Ionian Spirit, a converted traditional wooden fishing boat. We enjoyed a snorkel and swim in the calm and soothing water while absorbing the rays of the beautiful and peaceful sunrise. Nikiana beach has a great restaurant/cafe/bar too, ideal for families and… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Serenaded at Annoula Beach

Annoula Beach is usually quiet, its partly shaded by the rustling eucalyptus trees. You can reach it from Karavomylos or Sami. Enjoy the view and the sparkling water! Musician Grigoris Ntanis and friends gathered and played live music, accompanied by nature and splashed in the sea, a magical afternoon! As you can hear it was… Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Pessada Beaches

 Today we visited the two little but beautiful beaches of Pessada, surrounded by a backdrop of lush greenery and striking blues… This is an ideal place for low season when it is calmer as the beaches are very small. A relaxing tropical feeling surrounds you and the stunning mountain views of Ainos are breathtaking.  … Read more

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: Melissani Lake

Immerse yourself in mythology and let your imagination run wild in the cave of the nymphs;  the beautiful light playing on the water, the deepest and brightest blues, the strange and dramatic rock formations… A special place for children too. Read more about Melissani Lake here

1 Minute Mobile Video of My Day: A Short Swim in Assos Bay

Admire the Venetian castle and the pretty colourful village from the calmness and tranquility of Assos bay. The curve of the bay provides a safe haven for young swimmers and the crystal clear water offers an inviting opportunity to cool off. The small cove opposite the main beach can offer amazing views of the village… Read more

Kefalonia & Covid-19 August Update

Kefalonia is following Greece’s strict protocols for controlling Covid-19 and it’s working! In Kefalonia there have been 10 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic and no hospitalised cases. No new cases have been reported in Kefalonia over the past few days.   So what are we doing on the island to keep Coronavirus numbers… Read more

Dr. Christian Barnard left his heart at the tiny church yard of Farsa’s Saint Friday!

On the 25th of July (the eve of the St. Friday) celebrations are held in the tiny church at Farsa beach. The church was built slowly, with donations from the villagers, on the site of a family church that was started but never completed over 200 years ago and was consequently destroyed by war and… Read more

Island Breeze #11 – A new family member!

On June 10th a new family member arrived at our home…meet Laika the Greek Shepherd!  Laika is about 15 months old and had been previously looked after by a very kind man who does a lot of work for animal safety, rescue and awareness on the island. Unfortunately he couldn’t find a new home for… Read more

A small and beautiful world can be found right under your nose!

Take a moment and have a closer look at the things you may normally pass by… I’m very fortunate to live beside the sea. I appreciate the view, the smells and the sights but very often I overlook the smaller, micro world as I’m often in a rush. I glance at the view and then… Read more

Ionian Spirit – Cruises on a traditional wooden boat

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Ionian Spirit Cruises, Kefalonia & Lefkada Join Captain Christos aboard his beautiful traditional wooden boat the Ioanin Spirit for a daily cruise, a private cruise or a weekly charter (cruises can be arranged as a full experience or combined with some land accommodation for a longer holiday).  Christos (Chris) is a… Read more

Codfish pie – a traditional tasty main course!

Fish has always been an important source of food for the Kefalonian diet. The codfish, rice and herb filling of this pie is enclosed in a delicious homemade filo pastry. It is fairly uncommon to find codfish pie on a taverna menu or in a bakery, but it is definitely worth seeking out! Ingredients For… Read more

Kefalonia Compass Rent a Boat, Sami

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Kefalonia Compass Rent a Boat, Sami Enjoy the beauties of Kefalonia island! Rent a small motor boat and live the experience of a private trip in crystal clear waters. As we are locals we can give you helpfull and great tips on all the best places to visit along Kefalonia coastline…. Read more

Sami Trekking, Sami

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Sami Trekking, Sami Day tours with local, knowledgeable and experienced guides in Sami village and around Kefalonia walking trails. Starting from the love of our village and wishing to show off its beauties to those who love small getaways in nature, on alternative routes, we created Sami Trekking Kefalonia. Our goal… Read more

Lockdown has eased for us and with cautious optimism the preparations have restarted…are we meeting soon?

Kefalonia’s timeless beauty remains untouched during these difficult times. Luckily I can continue to explore this charming island during the summer months and to record its beauty. Normally work begins to renovate, clean and decorate accommodations, taverna’s, shops, cafes, bars and other premises early in the year in order to be ready in time for… Read more

Experience our fabulous Kefalonian nature as well as hospitality in a time of social distancing

In this period of uncertainty one definite constant is “Philoxenia” – the Greek tradition of hospitality and the love of strangers, or as we say family we just haven’t met yet! The Greek government has just released measures to ease the public lockdown and if everything goes well, we will expect to welcome visitors in… Read more

Island Breeze #10 – Lockdown Nature Trail…

I’ve spent many hours enjoying the peace and quiet on my land during the lockdown period and trying to identify the things I’ve seen! Usually I’m out and about in the valley walking, or further afield joining Anna on her perpetual quest to finding new and exciting things to share with you. Due to injury … Read more

Island Breeze #9 Life in COVID-19 Lockdown

February 28th 2020 was the last time we went out with our friends. We drove to Argostoli for drinks and dinner.  I remember the date well because it was a birthday celebration which coincided with the shocking news that the carnival was to be cancelled. The parades and the parties would not happen…the costumes and… Read more

Tasos Cafe, Komitata

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Tasos Cafe, Komitata Tasos Café is a traditional Greek coffee shop in the tranquil village of Komitata – a nice stop on the way to Fiskardo. Fabulous views of Ithaka from the village.  Contact Info Please mention Kefalonia By Anna when you visit Tasos Cafe, Komitata | Komitata, Erissos, Kefalonia, Greece