In this period of uncertainty one definite constant is “Philoxenia” – the Greek tradition of hospitality and the love of strangers, or as we say family we just haven’t met yet!

The Greek government has just released measures to ease the public lockdown and if everything goes well, we will expect to welcome visitors in a few months.

Our strict lockdown measures were introduced swiftly and the population took on the board the seriousness of the situation. Measures were adhered to even during the most challenging periods such as Easter, which usually involves massive social gatherings in churches and homes. The statistics reflect the population’s behaviour and have led to  Greece having one of the flattest curves in Europe with low transmission and death rates. Kefalonia had just one confirmed case, it was mild and did not require hospital treatment. The patient fully recovered.

Gradakia Beach


When things improve in the rest of the world and the flights are allowed again, we will be more than happy to welcome guests, old and new , to our island! With this is mind we are all working together and we are determined to maintain social distancing measures at all times to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Activities and attractions will open and will operate within strict guidelines so that you can enjoy your holiday whilst staying protected. 

Kefalonia has so much to offer visitors. Naturally and geographically we are very lucky with our beautiful, long coastline dotted with villages, and mountains and valleys separating larger towns and villages. We can offer solitude and relaxation in remote areas with luxurious accommodations where, if you choose to, you wouldn’t have to see another soul. Or you can choose to mingle with the locals (in the safety of social distancing) in our seaside villages and towns. With a coastline of around 25o km we have so many beautiful beaches, some are large with sweeping sandy shores, others are tiny intimate coves. Some of the more remote beaches can only be reached by boat or on foot and are rarely occupied. We have many mountain and coastal hiking trails of varying ease; imagine wandering through the cool mountain heights of the mighty Mt. Ainos or being kissed by the sea breeze on a seaside stroll. Nature lovers revel in spotting flora and fauna, or swimming in our crystal clear waters. Sun worshippers are seldom disappointed and families find plenty to explore. The island offers so many options to dip in or out of traditional village or modern city life, or just to take a break and breathe and relax in peace.

Every day the government will monitor the situation and we will react accordingly. It’s paramount that everyone is kept safe and well whilst enjoying Kefalonian hospitality and everything we have to offer.

We are waiting and hope to see you soon, meanwhile lets all stay safe and well.