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Kefalonia is an ideal destination for families, couples and single travellers as it offers a huge variety of attractions. As the island doesn’t draw mass tourism the traditional, cultural, natural and modern are all able to thrive.

Ancient historical sites survive alongside more recent historical monuments. Old abandoned villages and traditional coastal and mountain settlements provide glimpses into our past whilst modern villages and cities provide for modern tourism with up-to-date facilities.
Our huge coastline reveals tiny coves, long sweeping sandy beaches and magnificent dramatic cliff side shores. Some beaches are organised with facilities ranging from snack bars to restaurants, changing facilities, showers and waters ports whilst others remain remote or untouched.

There are many areas of outstanding natural beauty to explore; we have endemic species, wild horses, sea turtles and many plants and trees. Some are close to our villages and others are a little harder to find.

Browse our menu to see some the most important attractions, as well as some that are less known but that we love!

  • Myrtos beach

    by Anna Votsi

    Totally Unique! Myrtos is often lauded as one of the most impressive beaches in Greece. In my opinion, Myrtos is far more impressive if…

  • Sea Turtles

    by Sarah O

    Sea turtles are one of the most marvelous creatures that swim in our seas. These marine reptiles are living fossils since they…

  • Xi Beach

    by Anna Votsi

    Gray Rocky formations against reddish sand… located on the peninsula of Paliki, 7 km from Lixouri town, one can find Xi beach, definitely…

  • Kefalonia’s rich historical past and it’s unique geological phenomena give rise to a variety of interesting facts! Here are just a few…

  • Vista Points

    by Sarah O

    Grab you camera or your binoculars and head off to one of the best vista points on the island! There are of…

  • Mounda and Kaminia Beaches

    by Sarah O

    The beaches stretch over 2.8km of southern coastline approximately 32 km from Argostoli in the region of Elios-Pronnoi. Kaminia and Mounda beaches…

  • Endless sand! Skala sits on the southern tip of Kefalonia 37km from Argostoli in the region of Elios-Pronnoi. It is known for…

  • Sami village

    by Anna Votsi

    A small village-port surrounded by lush vegetation! Sami is a beautiful coastal town located 9 km from Agia Efimia. It is the second largest port…

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