The Venetian Lighthouse in Fiskardo sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty with stunning views across the gulf to the mainland and Ithaka. Constructed in the 18th century the lighthouse is of great historical and architectural significance but had suffered structural damage in the 1953 earthquakes and had been neglected with the building of the newer lighthouse near by.

A project to restore the lighthouse was conducted and generously sponsored by the Apostolides family who also founded the local walking trails with the Asterida Erisos Association (the Faros Trail is one of them). On October 19th 2018 the renovated Venetian Lighthouse and it’s surrounding complex was opened in the presence of the Navy Commander of the Lighthouse Service, Mr & Mrs. Apostolides and other local dignitaries. 

For the week 11-18th August 2109 an art exhibition was held at Faros by Robert Shtembari called “Port de Guiskard” showcasing beautiful landscapes.

I would like to mention here that I particularly liked the colours, the rough surfaces and the traces of the times of the old Faros but I understand and I respect that in order to preserve and protect it’s integrity renovation was essential. You can have look at some of my photos of the lighthouse and of the Byzantine basilica before the renovation when the lighthouse was open to the public. Hopefully in the future it will re-open for visitors to admire.