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Kefalonian Recipes

by Anna Votsi

There’s nothing like old fashioned recipes to warm the soul and trigger the senses!

I am currently searching for local cooking enthusiasts, who have vintage recipes (even secret ones!) passed down through the generations and prepared with traditional procedures, in order to create an archive of video recordings to share with you.

I have an avid interest in local ingredients, herbs, procedures, old utensils, special cooking techniques and local tips. I hope to share family meals, traditional sweets, kolatsio (snack and street food), mezedes (selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks-mainly ouzo), holiday and special occasion (religious) meals, salads and greens, soups.

Please stay tuned to watch the recipes and maybe try some at home from our index, or fantasise about them until your come and taste them on your next holiday in Kefalonia!

Recipe Index


Greek Salad




Main Courses

Famous Kefalonian Meat Pie!

Codfish pie

Bakalaos (Cod) with Garlic Sauce (Alliada)


Christmas Cookies (Kourabiedes and Melomakarona)

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