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Kefalonia by Anna organises authentic holidays

for enthusiastic travellers

Unique, imaginative trips to suit you and your loved ones


My tailor-made tours specialise in creating unique, personalised travel experiences, with a focus on adventurous and exciting destinations as well as slip into the local life.

I can tailor-make the perfect trip for you according to your interests, availability and budget.

Whether you are looking for a cultural experience, an adventurous week, a historic or hiking holiday, a cruise, a food and local products experience, a relaxing romantic getaway or just a family fun week, my 9 year extensive exploration of the island and it’s customs gives me the perfect heritage to put together your trip with a focus on the hidden gems.

I can arrange every element of your private or small group holiday including all activities, transfers and accommodation, providing you with an independent travel experience without the hassle of organising it yourself *. You can be assured that from arrival to departure your holiday will be tailored to your requirements.

The different types of tailor-made holidays presented here are only starting points.

Get in touch with me by filling in the form and short questionnaire and let me create a personalised tour just for you, or choose as a base one of the proposals below or do a combination of both. Once you send us your request, we will create a personal itinerary followed by a quote.

* flights and personal insurance are excluded (assistance can be provided)


Kefalonia by Anna experiences cover:

Private Groups/Events

We can create a unique combination to celebrate a special occasion, a family event, a memorable day

Team Building Experiences

We can organise special events and team building experiences for Cooperative Breaks or School Groups



Choose an Experience

Meet the Locals Experience

Our “Meet the locals” itinerary takes you beyond any kind of holiday experience you may be used to. Instead of simply visiting our island, we will immerse you in its nature and culture through the lives of local people. Passionate about their homelands, jobs and traditions, they’ll enrich your holiday with intimate experiences, unforgettable encounters, tastes and sights that you simply wouldn’t find on a normal trip.

Best and hidden beaches and attractions will be visited, as well as local festivals while homemade dinners will be offered in special spots and local houses. (For more details fill up the form).


Nature & Adventure experience

Experience our nature in an adventurous manner without a moment of boredom!

There are a huge range of activities to try …reach amazing places by hiking, cycling, by boat, paragliding, caving and kayaking, bird watching, turtle watching. You can visit our rare geological phenomena, our caves and our monuments whilst exploring some of the best vista points on the island. Enjoy food and wine tasting surrounded by nature, meet our diverse flora and fauna from the peak of mount Ainos to the magical beaches and dive in our crystal clear waters. (For more details fill up the form).

Food, wine and local products experience

Immerse yourself in a wide range of experiences, sights, sounds and tastes of the region. Visit Kefalonia’s varied landscape with vineyards and olive groves, local herbs, vegetables and livestock farms, as well as small family fishing boats.
Spend your days learning about and experiencing culinary customs with daily cooking lessons held by local housewives, whilst exploring Kefalonias best attractions and beaches.

Learn about and taste Kefalonia’s famous Robola, and variety of local wines and spirits. Tour the vineyards growing on the slopes of mount Ainos, participate in milking, cheese making, olive or grape picking or any agricultural activities available at the time of your travel and meet unique people and hear their histories. (For more details fill up the form).


Kefalonia by Anna experience

Join me and together we’ll discover the islands hidden gems and inside stories!
Let me show you all of my favourite places; some are well-known attractions but mostly they are hidden gems and special moments.

Experience the best sunrises and sunsets, hear about local stories, enjoy private pick nicks & dinners in really unique places, have an extraordinary boat encounter, explore the island with special activities like star gazing, paragliding or caving, taste local delicacies, meet some local characters and local professions, immerse yourself in the in authentic local festivals and customs. (For more details fill up the form).



Tailor Made experiences upon your interests (For more details fill up the form).