Preserved beauty!

Fiskardo is a picturesque and cosmopolitan harbour village, 60km from the capital of Argostoli and 32km from Agia Efimia at the northest part of the island. It is situated in the beautiful region of Erissos, with its rolling hills covered with olive and impressive cypress trees.  Fiskardo and Assos are both unique in that they were left virtually undamaged after the great earthquake of 1953, keeping their original architecture. The Greek government has recognised Fiskardo’ s unique beauty by declaring it a region of great natural beauty, and protecting it by law. It is true that this is a blessed location, and that one should not miss coming here when visiting the island!

Fokis Beach

The village was named after the Norman Duke Guiscard (Ghiscardo in Italian), who, coming from Sicily, conquered the island in the 11th century which had belonged to the Byzantine Empire until then.




Fiskardo has been identified with the ancient town Panormos, mentioned by the 5th century BC Greek historian Herodotus. In late 2005, when building a shopping complex close to the harbour of Fiskardo, workers discovered a plaque dating back to ancient Greece which gave thanks to the people of Panormos from the people of Athens for allowing them to hunt in the area. In late 2006 construction workers building a new hotel near the centre of Fiskardo stumbled upon a perfectly preserved Roman-era grave complex filled with gold jewellery, glass, clay pots and bronze artefacts. On a nearby plot, archaeologists also discovered a remarkably well-preserved theatre with their stone back rests still in place. Other excavations have uncovered remains of houses, baths and cemetery, all dating to Roman times. The Greek Ministry of Culture said at the time that the findings are unique. “Nothing else like it has ever been discovered on any Ionian island,” said a ministry spokesman. “The site was missed by grave robbers and was untouched when opened. It is so perfectly preserved that the 2000-year-old ancient door still swings, opening smoothly on stone pivots.”

Basilika Trail, Fiskardo

In Fiskardo also lived the great poet and writer Nikos Kavvadias (1910-1975).

Surrounded by Venetian-style houses painted in pastel colours during the summer season, the harbour is filled with vessels from small sailing boats to large yachts all nestled together a few feet from seashore restaurants, cafes and bars. In and around the village you can find a wide selection of accomodations from low budget to 5 star. 

In Fiskardo you can find a good selection of souvenir and clothes shops, a diving centre, an olive-wine and bread museum, boat rental, supermarkets and ATMs.

From Fiskardo you can get a connection ferry to Lefkada (Nidri – Vasiliki) and Astakos. You can rent a self driven boat for a day at Regina’s boats or get a unique marine experience in a Greek Kaiki (traditional wooden boat),  snorkel, visit the nearby beaches and get a lunch on board in a special boat tour or, if the weather permits, discover the north of Ithaca, Afales Gulf.

The beaches around Fiskardo are also a huge attraction in this area. The isolated and simply stunning Dafnoudi and Emblissi beaches, as well as beautiful Alaties with Acqua Alaties Restaurant & Bar and impressive Foki beach.

There are also a number of signposted hiking trails to select from that will uncover another beautiful side of the popular region of Erissos.

Fiskardo at night takes on a cosmopolitan atmosphere, where guests and celebrities stroll along the port with the colourful anchored boats. The village offers a selection of bars and restaurants where you can take your dinner or just get a drink, have fun or relax!

(Some info is based on Wikipedia)