The Cultural and Environmental Society of Asteris has given visitors, as well as locals, a very special gift by completing the signage of three beautiful paths which start from Fiskardo and are up to 10km in length.

The paths cover a wide area in the rich coastal cypress forest, perennial pines, oaks and arbutus in the region of Fiskardo. They provide enough shade for travellers to meander without worries even in the summer time.

Do not miss this opportunity to discover the beautiful north of Kefalonia on foot!

In more detail, the path signage project which was named “Erissos Paths” includes “The Lighthouse Trail – Faros”,  “The Cypress Trail – Kiparission” and “The Battery Trail – Bataria”.

The “The Lighthouse Trail – Faros” path leads to the old Venetian Lighthouse of Fiskardo and to the ruins of a unique monument, the most prominent pre-Christian basilica (6th-8th century) in Ionian Sea. The “The Cypress Trail – Kiparission” path starts from Foki bay which is enfolded by the forest and goes through the traditional Tselentata settlement. There, you can walk among stone-built residences with bougainvillea and cisterns and to the top of St. Gerasimos a beautiful church. The church was built in the 18th century and the floor tiles were imported from France. The route concludes at the desolate settlement of the Spiliovouno area with the old olive oil press, the mill (which ground barley and wheat until 1950) and the ceilings of the surrounding caves (“spilia” in Greek means “cave”, hence the name of the area). Finally, “The Battery Trail – Bataria” transports the traveller from the heart of the forest (there are spots under the dense vegetation which are not visible even when using Google Maps) to bays for refreshing dives. It starts from Fiskardo, passes through the quaint settlements and ends at the homonymous area. The Bataria area was a German base during World War II as the Germans aimed at controlling Ionian Sea. Only the concrete artillery bases are saved to date. The path ends at the Kimilia and Emblisi beaches.

Visit the Paths of Greece website for detailed maps and photographs of the area.

The Cultural and Environmental club Risianon “Asteris” continuously undertakes actions which protect the environment and promote the Kefalonia culture.

For more information, please contact Ms. Helen Kouloumparitsis or Mr. John Vandoros