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Ionian Discoveries – e-Bikes

Rent an eBike (electric bicycle) and discover secret and unspoilt areas of Erisos, north Kefalonia. From amateur to professional cyclists Ionian e-bikes provides the opportunity to have fun and explore without the use of environmentally unfriendly vehicles. Many itineraries are available

The e-bikes that are supplied are the latest models (Haibike mtb), and all are kept in great condition for your safety and comfort.

More than 70km range with a full battery. E-bikes can be delivered to your accommodation and baby seats are available.Rental prices: ( Safety equipment is included in the rental price)

1 day – €45.00
2 days – €70.00
3 days – €90.00
4 days – €110.00
5 days – €125.00
6 days – €140.00
7 days – €160.00

Daily excursions take place (maximum of 6 people) with a knowledgeable guide who will show you the history of the area and some beautiful bays only accessible by hidden paths.

Lunch is included. Additional price of €60 for the guide.

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Please mention Kefalonia By Anna when you contact to get your treat!

Ionian e-bikes | Fabio Trinchero

Xalikeri, Erisos, 28084, Kefalonia, Greece
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