Ainos is not only the highest mountain of the Ionian Islands, it is also a national park with unique flora and fauna making it a magical place to hike in all seasons…

In winter it usually snows on Ainos and it can become very cloudy and misty obscuring the magnificent panoramic sea views. This year the winter has been quite mild and there was no trace of snow until yesterday, so we managed to get to the peak without difficulties and take some nice shots to share with you.

Ainos has several beautiful trails, one of the easiest takes you to its peak, Megas Soros (1628m) where you actually feel like you’re entering paradise. 

It’s a scenic, sign posted trail. Before you reach the summit the clouds pass by so quickly they create a sense of mystery and euphoria. It is not by chance that the conquerors of the past mentioned, enjoyed and wrote about the mountain, also called as the “big” or “black” mountain.  It is no coincidence that our ancestors built the alter of Jesus at the peak of Megas Soros and gave it the name of the mountain, Αινήσιος Δίας, Ainisios Dias (Zeus of Ainos).

Once you reach the summit, the views will leave you speechless. This part of the mountain is quite deserted and the height is such, and the sea views so panoramic, that you will be awed, feeling so close to the sky, feeling one with the universe. On a clear day you can admire the views of the little neighbouring islands as well as parts of the west coast of the mainland and the Peloponnese.

Don’t miss this trail on your next visit to Kefalonia.

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