“The Cypress Trail” is one of the three walking trails in Fiskardo that were recently organised by “Asteris” club along with the Panhellenic “Greece’s Paths” team.

Total Length: 4.7 Kilometres
Estimated Time: 2 Hours & 30

The trail follows the old footpath, passing  cypress filled slopes either side. As you walk take in the view over the channel that separates Kefalonia from Ithaca, to Foki bay. The name of Foki comes from the frequent appearance of the monk seal (Fokia in Greek) Monachus Monachus. Continuing along the coast road you will see the  signpost for Tselentata, a tiny village populated by less than 30 people. Stop to look in the church of saint Gerassimos – it has some interesting enamel flooring, Russian icons and bell.

From Tselentata head upwards towards the the village of Katsarata. Before you reach the brow of the hill you will pass over over large, smooth slabs of rock. The views from this point is vast and you can see the Ionian sea, Lefkada, Meganissi, the Greek mainland and Ithaca. Follow the dirt track out of Katsarata towards Spiliovouno (Cave Mountain). The windmill here was still in use until the 1950’s,and in the now abandoned village you can find remnants of the past such as an old olive mill.

Heading onwards and back to the starting point of Fiskardo you will pass a number of caves (hence the name Cave Mountain) where the worship of Pan and the Nymphs once took place. There are also traces of a Cyclopean wall – large stones – near by.