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Davgata To Argostoli or St.Konstantinos beach, Walking Trail

by Anna Votsi

This is an approx 1h walk from Davgata village to Argostoli over the beautiful bridge of the capital. Davgata village is located at approx 300m height on the slopes of  a mountain. The route is approx 5km through the old road (so it is very easy to walk) and offers magnificent views of the Argostoli Gulf and Paliki Peninsla.

Before you start the route you can stroll around the village and pay a visit to the natural History Museum of Davgata (currently closed) as well as the 3 beautiful churches of St Nicolas, St Georges and the Church of Metamorphosis tou Sotiros (the Transfiguration of the Saviour).

Saint George’s church houses important iconography by Gerasimos Matsoukis from the 19th century. The village was home to the revolutionary Dimitrios Davis Lorentzatos – you can see his bust in the village square.

Going down the hill you will notice the historical ruins of the village, currently there are only approx. 40 inhabitants but there were many more before the devastating earthquake. The walk takes you through the low vegetation and you can admire the shapes of the old walls used to facilitate cultivation.

Once you reach the main coastal road that leads to Argostoli you can either continue on your left and pass the Greek and British cemeteries and get into De Bosset Bridge leading to Argostoli, or you can turn right and walk for a further 1,5km to get to Agios Konstantinos beach.

Photographs taken during the day 5 of the ‘Big Walk Kefalonia’ 2016

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