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5 Easy Walks #1

by Sarah O

Here you can find 5 of my favourite easy walks on Kefalonia island to enjoy with your family or friends.

Low season is ideal time to explore, when the temperatures are cooler, there are more flowers, birds and less people of course!

  1. Assos Village to the Venetian Castle

    From the charming village of Assos take the zig-zagging moderately steep, but paved path, to reach the impressive Venetian castle and rewarding views of the village. If you want a to be a little more adventurous, and you have sturdy footwear on, continue through the castle gates to explore the fort and return down the more rugged path.

    Terrain: Flat path with ascent of around 80 metres
    Length: 1 km
    Time: 20 minutes

    Assos Village
    Assos Castle
    Assos Castle
    Assos Castle
  2. Lighthouse Walk (Faros walk to the Venetian lighthouse and Byzantine Basilica) Fiskardo. 

    The path takes you along the coast to the most prominent pre-Christian basilica (6th-8th century) of the Ionian Sea Islands, and is covered in the rich coastal cypress forest, perennial pines, oaks and arbutus of Erissos

    Terrain: Flat, some shade
    Length: 1km from port
    Time: 15 -20 minutes

    Fiskardo Trail Signs
    Basilika Trail
    Basilika, Fiskardo
    Basilika Trail


  3. Sami Village to Karavomylos Lake & Village

    This is a paved path that runs directly next to the beach on the coast from Sami to Karavomylos Lake passing by small houses, eucalyptus trees and crossing two streams. Look at for birds (particularly Kingfishers and herons) as well as the turtles in the smaller stream. Refreshments are available at about half-way at Karavomylos Camping.

    Terrain: Flat
    Length: 2.5km
    Time: 30 minutes

    Sami - Karavomylos
    Karavomylos Lake


  4. De Bosset Bridge to Drapano and Koutavos Lagoon, Argostoli

    To the east of Argostoli town sits the Koutavos Lagoon, a feeding ground for the Loggerhead turtles (Caretta Caretta) and now a nature reserve.  The historic De Bosset bridge provides a pedestrian only crossing giving a pleasant flat walk to Drapano (a cemetery preserved by the Ministry of Culture), with lovely views of the lagoon and city. There is also a footpath around some of the lagoon where you can stroll, watch or feed the birds.

    Terrain: Flat
    Length: 1 km
    Time: 10 minutes

    Koutavos Lagoon and Drapano bridge
    Bird life at Koutavos Lagoon
    Argostoli and Koutavos Lagoon


  5. 7 Water Mills Trail, Sami

    A fordable walking trail by the river, passing through lush vegetation, flowing clear waters, magical sounds and impressive human stone creations. On the way to the venetian stone bridge you will pass by 7 ruined water mills, used for grinding wheat and corn, destroyed on the earthquakes of 1953. The trail is located 3 km from Sami on the main road leading to the capital, Argostoli.

    Terrain: Mostly flat
    Length: 12 km
    Time: 2.5 hours

7 Watermills

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If you are looking for a guided hiking tour send a message to kefaloniaactivities@gmail.com

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