Here you can find 5 more of my favourite easy walks on Kefalonia island to enjoy with your family or friends.

Low season is ideal time to explore, when the temperatures are cooler, there are more flowers, birds and less people of course!

  1. Colourful Villages of Livathos

    While exploring the region of Livathos you will pass through many impressive villages with distinctive architecture and well-tended gardens. Historically the region has strong links with merchants and shipping families. Stop your car and take a stroll around the little streets; the area is a photographers paradise, with numerous churches and remains of an old era, beautiful colours and amazing flowers, spring time is very special here.

    Terrain: Paved sidewalks
    Length: as you please
    Time: as you please

  2. Old Vlachata Village, Sami

    The ruins of Old Vlachata village are located on the hillside and can be reached on foot, by bike or by car following the signs to “Saristra Festival” from the main road of Sami – Karavomylos. Another interesting route begins at Themata Monastery, this route is only by foot as the road was recently severely damaged by the rain. Vlachata village was very badly damaged by the devastating earthquake in 1953 (7.2 Richter), and it’s inhabitants were forced to move away, the majority moved down to Karavomylos village. What remains gives us a unique glimpse and fascinating into the past.

    If you are lucky enough to be in the area in the first week of August don’t miss the Saristra Festival . Visiting Saristra will give you the chance to get familiar with modern music and contemporary cultural art whilst at the same time keeping the village’s history and heritage alive. 

    Terrain: paved road from Karavomylos, walking trail from Themata. At the village rough paths, sturdy footwear recomended
    Length: 3km from Karavomylos, 5km from Themata Monastery (on foot only)
    Time: 45 mins from Karavomylos. 1hr 25 mins from Themata


  3. Kastro Village and Saint Georges Castle

    You can park your car approx 600m from the entrance of the castle where you can walk around the beautiful village of Kastro with traditional houses and amazing views. It is worth visiting the ruins of the medieval church of Evangelistria, which dates from 1420, and the church of Agios Theodoros, which is even older. Walk around the inside the castle and explore the fortified Venetian fort- take hats and water as there is not much shade around. You may also wish to take a torch to explore some of the darker recesses of the castle. After a walk around the castle you can sit in one of the cafes in the village and enjoy the views.

    Terrain: paved roads in the village, some paved areas and natural paths in the castle
    Length: 1 km
    Time: as you please

  4. Argostoli to Katavothres & Fanari (Argostoli north side)

    From the Tourist Information Center take the beautiful Fanari coastal road. On the way you will see the ruins of Thalassomilos, make sure to visit the water wheel and the strange geological phenomenon of Katavothres, and then head off to Saint Theodore lighthouse or Fanari. Following the road you can stop to see the Memorial of Acqui Division, also in this area there are three little beaches where you can cool down!

    Terrain: paved roads
    Length: 2.5 km
    Time: 35 minutes

  5. Drapanitika to Assos Village (option to add the castle trail)

    Drive at the little village of Drapanitika, in the region of Erissos at the northern part of Kefalonia, and leave your car there. If you come during high season or when the weather is hot, try to start around 4 pm or very early in the morning. If you enjoy walking this is one of the easiest still breath-taking trails that you can take. Unique panoramic sea views and lush nature will accompany you on your way down to the most beautiful village of Kefalonia, add an extra 3km to explore the venetian castle and reach the western part of the peninsula, if you want to enjoy a breath taking sunset, this is the best spot but bear that in mind before it gets dark and you miss the trail. back!

    Terrain: trail
    Length: 5 km (each way)
    Time:  1 hour 15 minutes

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