Whether you are on vacation with your family, partner or friends, if you enjoy walking this is one of the easiest still breathtaking trails that you can take.

You will have to drive to the little village of Drapanitika, in the region of Erissos at the northern part of Kefalonia, and leave your car there. If you come during high season or when the weather is hot, try to start around 4 pm or very early in the morning. It is a little more than 5km to reach Assos village from there, therefore it is better to have someone to take the car down to Assos car park for you and to pick it up when you complete your tour.

Unique panoramic sea views and lush nature will accompany you on your way down to the most beautiful village of Kefalonia, at 3km more you can explore the venetian castle and reach the western part of the peninsula, if you want to enjoy a breathtaking sunset, this is the best spot but you will need to go quickly back before it gets dark and you miss the trail.

If you do not want to be so late, remember that sunset cannot be seen from the village of Assos so if you do not want to miss it drive back with the car at that time, there are several nice spots to admire it.

Before you start climbing down you better have with you water, a snack, sun protection and hat as it may be hot. You can have a picnic on the way down, or at the castle or visit one of the sea side cafes and restaurants of Assos and walk through the little narrow streets of the village with preserved traditional architecture and beautiful colors.

Get a taste!

This is the route on google maps https://goo.gl/maps/DTSCN37nBeD2,  approx 5km to the village and a few more if you want to explore the castle too.