A rare encounter with the semi-wild horses on the slopes of Ainos is a magical experience!

The majestic Mount Ainos is located 30 km from Argostoli and is central to the Ainos National Park and is home to a rare and beautiful herd of semi-wild horses. The horses originate from the ancient Greek mountain breed called Pindos that were brought to the island and let loose on the mountain by people who obtained them from fairs on the mainland.

Wild Horses, Zoodohos Pigi Monastery

Post WWII this practice was abandoned and the horses were left to fend for themselves in small groups. Because of the harsh environment of the mountain – lack of water sources, lack of shelter and severe weather conditions – eventually the groups dwindled down to one herd (the current one). Unchecked breeding in the wild is believed to have evolved this herd into a pure breed.

These semi-wild horses live on the higher slopes mainly on the south/south eastern slopes above the village of Arginia, and if you are very lucky you can sometimes find them drinking from the fresh water spring at Zoodohos Pigi Monastery. They have also been spotted on the other side of the slopes near the villages around Pyrgi (between Sami & Poros) where they are seeking food and water.