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  • Fauna in Kefalonia

    by Sarah O

    Kefalonia island hosts a wide range of fauna species, vertebrates (birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals) and invertebrates (insects, spiders, earthworms etc) which has…

  • Semi-Wild Horses of Ainos

    by Sarah O

    A rare encounter with the semi-wild horses on the slopes of Ainos is a magical experience! The majestic Mount Ainos is located…

  • Sea Turtles

    by Sarah O

    Sea turtles are one of the most marvelous creatures that swim in our seas. These marine reptiles are living fossils since they…

  • Odysseus Zoo Land, Sami

    by Sarah O

    Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Odysseus Zoo Land, Sami Roam through the most important moments of Odyssey in the natural landscape of the…

  • Animal Rescue Kefalonia

    by Anna Votsi

    ‘Doris’ was founded on October 2011, by a team of animal loving people that live in Argostoli with the collaboration and help…