The beaches stretch over 2.8km of southern coastline approximately 32 km from Argostoli in the region of Elios-Pronnoi. Kaminia and Mounda beaches are connected to each other; Mounda lies closer to Katelios whilst Kaminia (the western part) is closer to Skala village.  The beaches are ideal for a flat coastal walk and provide a long uninterrupted space of outstanding natural beauty, lush hills and greenery provide some shelter. Because of the golden sands, gentle incline and calm shallow waters the beach is very attractive to families with children as  its a safe place for swimming. Whilst there are some organised sunbeds and umbrellas and a snack bar the beaches still remain largely underdeveloped and relatively quiet. Kefala’s Kiln at Kaminia is a recently excavated site worth visiting.

The beaches also provide a natural habitat for the loggerhead turtle population (Caretta Caretta) to dig nests and lay their eggs from May to August, so businesses and tourists alike are asked to consider their behaviour and actions in relation to this endangered and protected species. 

Katelios group is responsible for the turtles nests on this beach, you can visit their office in Katelios to get more info on their work.