The Archaic Temple can be found on the main road of Skala. This Doric temple dates from the 6th century BC – early 5th  century BC (Archaic period) and was dedicated to the Greek god Apollo. Archeologist Spyridon Marinatos excavated the site in 1960, it is unique on the island as it is the only site found like it from this period. There is evidence that some of the stones from the temple were used in the construction of Saint Georges Church. More recent work has been carried out on the site which has free entrance.

On Saint George’s day traditionally celebrated on the 23rd of April (but if it falls before Easter it is moved to the Monday after Easter Day) the icon of St. George is taken from church in a procession down to the beach and follows the coastal road to Saint George’s little church at the area of Gradou. Locals and visitors follow the procession, led by proud locals riding majestic horses. This is a very special day, as this old religious tradition is witnessed on the background of the most popular tourist destination of Skala village and beach. Attend the litany and join in with the panagyri (feast) which take place on Saint George’s day every year. You can dance, listen to music and try the goat soup! See my video