Totally Unique!

Myrtos is often lauded as one of the most impressive beaches in Greece. In my opinion, Myrtos is far more impressive if viewed from above, as the contrast of its white pebbles with the different shades of colour the sea takes on, due to the currents and the dark green of the area, make the sight unforgettable.

It’s a beautiful beach with a distinctive terrain, fine sand, white pebbles and surrounded by steep, vertical cliffs. 

Myrtos is not a safe beach when it is windy, so be careful if you have children or elderly people with you, after a few steps the shoreline becomes deep quite quickly and there are currents that can drag you in. Have that in mind, when you get excited and decide to play in the beautiful waves!


View down to Myrtos


Myrtos Beach

Myrtos is ideal when it is completely calm, this is mainly early in the morning or the late afternoon, when you will have the chance to admire a breathtaking sunset, different every day!

Visitors must drive 2 kilometers down the hill from Divarata (Siniori) village in the Pylaros Region in order to reach the beach, walking down (or actually coming back) is for extra fit guests only!

Part of the beach is organised with sunbeds, umbrellas and a canteen (normally open from mid June- ask before you go down so you can take refreshments with you). There is a lifeguard on duty and the beach receives a blue flag every year.


One of the features that distinguish Myrtos from other beaches is the cave at the end of the beach. Signs state not to walk under the caves and the cliffs as little stones fall down now and then,  due to the goats walking above it. Be careful!

All the elements of this beach combined together, form a mesmerising landscape!

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