When you live permanently in this island, summer may not be the best time to admire the landscape and take photos!

That is why you are patiently waiting for some rare, special, windy days that the colors of nature are so bright that create a unique sight. This happens once or twice during the summer, usually after a heavy rain. The breeze and the beauty you discover in every turn of the road, make you want to go further and further, to see more… Today, was one of these days!
I decided to go to one of my favorite beaches, Vouti, as I know that during these days the route and the views are breathtaking!
On the way there, I could not resist to stop to check Myrtos beach from the spot above and of course the sight was so impressive and visitors seemed to be having such a great time playing with the waves, that on my way back I went down to take some close up pictures too.
For you that had not the chance to be here today I dedicate this photo gallery inviting you not to miss next time.

The route I followed was Myrtos beach– Agia Kyriaki – Vouti and back to Myrtos beach again.