This small but beautiful beach is located on the Paliki Peninsula and is reached from the village of Damoulianata. Drive to the village, taking the main road to the north of the peninsula towards Petani beach. When you descend from the village pause to admire the stunning views, then carefully drive down to Agia Eleni (Saint Eleni) Beach.

The waters are crystal clear, there are many shades of turquoise and blue which dazzle against the small white pebbles of the beach. There is a beautiful rock close to the beach where you can dive from, and you can swim or wade around to a smaller second cove. There are plenty of opportunities to spot a fish whilst snorkelling or swimming, or just lie back and relax taking in the amazingly peaceful atmosphere. The beach is unorganised so make sure you bring water and supplies with you. On your way back to the village of Damoulianata you can stop for a special home made lunch and friendly atmosphere at the taverna named “Ladokola stin Plagia“.