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Human & Nature, discovering Manias beach

by Anna Votsi

Landscape is a treasured heritage of nature. When a panoramic, dramatic landscape unfolds in front of your eyes can be so captivating that leaves you speechless. You do not need or want to talk while discovering this place, you just need to hear, look and touch it.

Even though “development” has moved us away from nature,  human’s physical and psychological essential need to nature has grown even stronger. It was always crucial to our psychological and physical health, from the beginning of our existence on this planet and now is even more necessary than ever.

Returning back to nature is a gift to ourselves and to our children, we have to take every opportunity to do so…

Manias beach on the south west coast of Kefalonia (in the Paliki region) was our treat for ending the season. The 22nd of October 2017 was a special day that filled up all our senses and gave us great energy.

The combination of the gray argyle rocky background, the orange sand and the turquoise sea contrasting on the blue, bright sky with the white, moving clouds cannot be captured on the camera. Traces of humans and animals, shadow games, old shells, sea plants were our little treasures for the day.

Here is a small attempt to share them with you.

Manias beach is the western extend of Xi beach towards Kounopetra but this part is not accessible by car. If you decide to explore it you can take a boat cruise from either Argostoli or Lixouri. The beach is not organised, it is sandy and shallow and ideal for kids too.


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