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Loui Per – Handmade Dolls by Louisa

“The doll made of humble materials has been for many centuries the favorite, and most often the only toy. Traditionally it was made by the mother or grandmother (a law in my place) or even the children themselves. Indeed, here in Kefalonia they called it κουτσούνα”.
Louisa Perati is an amateur puppeteer who comes from Lixouri, a beautiful village and port in the west peninsula of Kefalonia. Each doll is 100% handmade and unique, made of natural organic materials (cotton, linen, silk cloth and yarn) often recycled, often even collectible, worked by a variety of techniques (stitching, embroidery techniques, crochet and needles). She has been influenced by various puppets around the world, but her sources of inspiration (apart from the materials themselves) are the women of her home country who, from a very young age, brought her to the secrets of a wide variety of local handicrafts. It is possible to see Louisa’s dolls in some local exhibitions, or in her house where she holds her workshop by contacting her to make an appointment.

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Loui Per – Handmade Dolls by Louisa |

Lixouri, Kefalonia