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Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club, Skala

A modern diving club in Kefalonia, offering all diving courses, diving for qualified divers and beginners and snorkelling for all, with the highest safety and quality standards in a small, friendly dive club.

You don’t need to be a scuba diver to experience the underwater world. Snorkelling might introduce you to most of the underwater wonders and swallow water is were the colours are brighter and surprisingly aquatic life thrives. Explore the crystal clear warm waters of Kefalonia without leaving the surface. Join their snorkelling tours with an experienced guide that will show you how to recognise aquatic creatures and have a look in a new world.

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Blue Manta Diving & Aquanautic Club, Skala |

Tara Beach, Skala, Kefalonia
+30 6981449295