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Kefalonia & Covid-19 August Update

by Sarah O

Kefalonia is following Greece’s strict protocols for controlling Covid-19 and it’s working!

In Kefalonia there have been 10 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic and no hospitalised cases. No new cases have been reported in Kefalonia over the past few days.  

So what are we doing on the island to keep Coronavirus numbers extremely low and to ensure your safety and health?

All businesses and public offices are compelled to follow the strict protocols of the Greek government.

So how will your holiday look different?

You will be required to wear a mask in all closed spaces including shops, public offices and other businesses. In tavernas, snack bars, coffee shops, restaurants and bars you will be served by people wearing masks at safely distanced tables. Bars/nightclubs are not allowing standing patrons but are allowed to operate with tables for guests to be seated at, with appropriate distances between them. Festivals and large gatherings have been cancelled until the end of August and no more than 100 people are allowed to attend weddings and funerals. Hotels and accommodations have strict cleaning protocols too.

Don’t be offended by the lack of hugging and kissing we have to follow social distancing rules …. you are still welcome!  It was a very difficult decision for the island as to whether to open for business or not, and sadly some of the larger hotels and few other businesses decided not to. 

If you decide to visit you will no doubt have a different holiday to what you have experienced before but you can be assured that we are doing everything possible to keep everyone safe! The spirit of the island and it’s beauty remains! There are loads of activities you can still do in our wide open spaces, as well as on our large, numerous and uncrowded beaches! 

So please continue to help us keep our numbers low by wearing your masks properly, washing your hands regularly and following the protocols and where possible having a test before you arrive.

Government figures as of Tuesday 18 August 2020 are as follows;  269 new cases of corona virus in the whole of Greece, of which 39 were detected following checks at the country’s gates. The total number of  recorded cases stands at 7472 for the whole of Greece, with a total of 232 deaths. 

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Sam C October 6, 2020 - 12:11 pm

Hi. We were thinking of staying in in Agia Efimia for the last week of October. We’ve come before (in summer) and loved it. We don’t mind it a bit cooler or a bit quieter, but are any restaurants and shops in Agia open this month? Or has the covid caused people to end the season early? Thanks.

Anne Baker October 15, 2020 - 7:13 am

We spent 2 weeks on the island from 27th September to 11th November. On arrival my daughter and I were tested for Covid 10 and results were negative. We stayed at a villa in Skala. Being the end of the season there were not many people around. We ate out a few times and felt safe at all times. We will definitely come back again!


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