A sunny break in a devastating month…

This has been a very strange year, first with Covid-19, and then recently, hurricane Janos and it’s consequent flooding and damage. Even for those of us not greatly affected, the shock of the damage and misery that the flood brought to our village will never be forgotten. The expressions on the faces of our friends… Read more

Kefalonia & Covid-19 August Update

Kefalonia is following Greece’s strict protocols for controlling Covid-19 and it’s working! In Kefalonia there have been 10 confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic and no hospitalised cases. No new cases have been reported in Kefalonia over the past few days.   So what are we doing on the island to keep Coronavirus numbers… Read more

Island Breeze #9 Life in COVID-19 Lockdown

February 28th 2020 was the last time we went out with our friends. We drove to Argostoli for drinks and dinner.  I remember the date well because it was a birthday celebration which coincided with the shocking news that the carnival was to be cancelled. The parades and the parties would not happen…the costumes and… Read more

It’s awfully quiet here without you…

So it’s been a few weeks since we’ve spoken but we were left speechless and upset by the initial shock of the Coronavirus outbreak worldwide and the reality of what it means for all of us. It took some time to accept our new and different circumstances but we have adapted and we remain safe…. Read more