Over the past years the tourist season has extended and autumn for me is the best time of year on Kefalonia;  the weather gets cooler, the light is sweeter, the beaches are washed and calm, the visitors are fewer.

It often rains for a couple of days, normally it doesn’t last for long and the sun appears together with the fluffy white clouds, offering dramatic skies, revealing some of the best views, swims and walks of the season.

For us locals some parts of our lives return to the normal rhythms of winter, schools reopen, winter activities and work start, but still nature is at its best and with guests still on the island it is an interesting combination of the “in-between time”.  I have captured a rainy day in Agia Efimia which I hope conveys the beauty to you.

There are still many activities visitors can do during rainy days, have a look here