We’re often asked about the weather in Kefalonia during the winter.

It’s difficult for summer visitors to believe that we have snow, rain, ice and storms when they are basking in high temperatures under the hot, bright sun!

During these cold months we experience a different kind of beauty…our landscapes adapt the to weather bringing different shades of colour and light.

Old Valsamata

Following a couple of months with a lot of rain, a beautiful week of bright sun, the last three days we had a strong snowfall not very common but lately not so rare as well.

I don’t know if it has to do with the global environmental changes but sudden changes of temperature and weather are becoming very common the last years.

Here are a few photos from a beautiful walk with my son today, around from Karavomylos, to Omala Valley and St.Gerassimos, old Valsamata and half way to Ainos and back through Pyrgi village!

Don’t forget though the season is opening in less than a month and the landscape and temperatures will change again soon!

We are waiting for you!