Located at the west of Kefalonia island, Paliki’s name comes from the ancient town of Pali, located at the north of Lixouri, now an archaeological site. Paliki, for some was considered to be the Homeric Ithaca… The peninsula is very different from the rest of Kefalonia, with a unique morphology of flat farmland and vineyards, a dramatic rocky west coast with numerous beautiful beaches with endless red and grey sand and clay grey cliffs, rocky coves and unique sunset views. Swim, relax, get a lunch or have fun at Xi, Megas Lakos, Petani, Lagadakia, Vatsa, Platia Ammos, Lepeda, walk or sail to breathtaking Fteri and Amidi. Admire the best sunsets on the island, from Kipouria Monastery or Petani beach or Gero Gobos lighthouse and a beautiful sun and moon rise at Lepeda beach. Visit beautiful Lixouri for a nice walk and rent a boat to explore the area.