Paliki Peninsula is worth discovering…

Located at the west of Kefalonia island, Paliki’s name comes from the ancient town of Pali, located at the north of Lixouri, now an archaeological site. Paliki, for some was considered to be the Homeric Ithaca… The peninsula is very different from the rest of Kefalonia, with a unique morphology of flat farmland and vineyards, a… Read more

Captain Nikolas Taverna, Vatsa

Kefalonia by Anna suggests… Captain Nikolas Taverna, Vatsa Captain Nikolas is located a few meters before Vatsa beach, 41 km from Agia Efimia and 5 km from Xi beach. It is a family run taverna serving hand made meals cooked with love and care. Some of the ingredients are from their vegetable garden, that you can… Read more

Vatsa Beach

Great choice for a family! Vatsa beach is located 9 km from Lixouri and 5 km from Xi beach. It is a little untouched sandy bay with shallow waters and a small river which merges into the sea and can easily be crossed by a pontoon bridge, a great game for kids!