Lagadakia beaches

Lagadakia is a small bay located in the Paliki region – 7km from Vatsa beach. It is a white pebble beach with crystal green waters surrounded by beautiful landscape and big rocks around the bay, ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. It is a great place to relax and enjoy peaceful moments with your partner, friends or family. It is a non organised beach and offers no facilities, so remember to take some water, snacks and an umbrella, or anything else you may need, while relaxing.

Lagadakia beach offers a hidden surprise at the back of the hill on the right hand side as you reach it by car. Take the little trail which climbs up the hill on your right and walk for 3min to find another more impressive cove. If you want to reach it directly you can find the rural road that guides you just above it and just walk down the trail by GPS. This secluded beach is even more private and has natural shades in the caves formed on its left and right. It can be combined with a breathtaking sunset at Kipouria Monastery or a walk to the desert-like, interesting landscape of Gero Gobos Lighthouse, 2km away.