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Best boat tour on the island!

by Anna Votsi

This is one of the best tours you can do while spending your holidays in Kefalonia!

You start your trip from the bay of Agia Kyriaki with a boat (contact us for more details). You will have the chance to explore the north part towards Assos and the south part towards Atheras.

If you decide to do the whole trip it may take you approx 4h non stop. If you want to relax, swim and/or have a picnic, I propose you try one of the two directions instead.

At both sides you will find some unique private, secluded beaches with white sand and amazing rock formations. The coastline that you will explore on this trip can be described as a masterpiece of natural art! The waters create amazing colors on a background of colorful rock formations of a very wide variety and breathtaking beauty.

Start your boat excursion from Agia Kyriaki, pass through several untouched beaches, to Fteri and Amidi (extraordinary beach sights), to Atheras, then you can cross the gulf towards Assos peninsula where you will be admiring Assos castle walls approaching and then you will do the round of the peninsula revealing in front of your eyes, the most beautiful village of Kefalonia, preserved Assos village/harbor and its near by beaches. Here you can stop for a coffee or lunch, take a walk in the village or even climb up to the castle. On the way back you will stop at Agios Panteleimonas and numerous other small beaches with amazing turquoise and deep blue waters, you will pass from famous Myrtos and end back to Agia Kyriaki.



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