Kefalonia is a fabulous destination for a relaxing holiday. The islands natural beauty, calmness and peace invoke an atmosphere of well being and tranquility, and these qualities combined with excellent facilities provide an amazing wealth of opportunity for those seeking relaxation.

From natural landscapes to luxury spa facilities there is something to suit every traveller and every budget. Organised art, craft and self expression workshops and retreats can enrich your experience, or just take it easy with a simple retreat into nature. Take a self guided walk, a swim at a stunning beach, a picnic in an old, abandoned village, watch the sunrise from Agia Efimia and the sunset in Myrtos or Petani beaches…

… or sit back and let someone else take you on a cruise, wine tasting, a cooking lesson, private dinner on a beach or a yoga class. Hire a self-driven boat or kayak for the day and relax on the water, or take a seat in a bar, taverna or café and admire the view or watch the world go by. Get a make-over or stay up late and see the island from a different perspective – go with a small group and star gaze on a mountain.

If you don’t want to leave your accommodation you can have a private chef prepare and cook a delicious meal for you, or have a massage or spa treatment.

Those are just a few ideas, browse my site for more inspiration!