A Distinguished Landmark

The Lighthouse (Fanari) of Agioi (Saint) Theodoroi is a distinguished landmark of a circular, simple Doric structure with 20 columns and its tower is 8 m tall.  The lighthouse was built in 1828 century when the island was under the command of Charles Napier, and it was deemed necessary for navigation.  In 1863, after the integration of the island to the Greek State, this lighthouse was included in the lighthouse network of Greece.

The earthquake of 1953 destroyed the original lighthouse. It was rebuilt in 1960 by local architect Takis Pavlatos according to its original architectural design.

The view from the Fanari is magnificent as from the front you can see across to the Peninsula of Paliki and the island of Vardianoi.

The lighthouse of Agioi Theodoroi works till today and gives a romantic view at night. It is found 3 km from Argostoli, close to Katavothres and you can admire it if you choose to take the ferry boat from Argostoli to Lixouri.

A great place to relax, swim and take photos of the great view.