To celebrate the start of spring we decided to venture out and participate in the event “Good France” – the worlds largest French dinner held on 21st March 2019.  This international event began in 2015 and is a celebration of the “French Gourmet Meal”, which  is a follow up to the inclusion of the “French culinary meal” in the UNESCO “Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.

The menu

Οίνοψ WineBar – Restaurant in Argostoli accepted the invitation by the  Kefalonian French Alliance and became the first place in Kefalonia to hold such an event on 21st March 2019. In order to participate the restaurants involved must serve a classic French menu consisting of an appetizer, main course, cheese and dessert which is to be served with complimentary wines and in (as much as possible!) a French ambience. The menu was created by the chef of Οίνοψ in cooperation with the chef of French Alliance in Athens, and the wines for each course were matched with a blend from both Kefalonian and French wineries.


We each had a different main course and the wines served included the varieties Mosxatela and Vostilidi (from Kefalonia) as well as a great Sauvignon Blanc from Sancerre, a Chardonnay from the vineyard Les Hates, a Pinot Noir from Beaune valley and a Cabernet Franc from Loire.

It was a great night out, an opportunity to experience another culture, some French cuisine and some fabulous wines. We hope that we can celebrate next year too!

 Additional photos supplied by Οίνοψ WineBar – RestaurantΟι-εγγραφές-για-τους