Did you ever hear the cries of ‘gavros, kolios, fresca fresca!’ or ‘karpouzi! karpouzi!’ or the sound of air horns blasting out through the villages? Many people rely on the trucks, vans and sometimes tractors that sell fresh produce and household groceries. Visiting several times a week these mobile vendors are an integral part of village life and the locals listen out for the horns or shouting that announce the arrival of the sellers.   You can purchase fruits, vegetables, fish, bread and household goods weekly, and seasonally the gypsies sell garlic, melons and even chairs, plant pots  and hand woven baskets.

Each day at around 12:30 the baker arrives selling a selection of fresh bread and honey.

Different vegetable sellers roll through town bursting with seasonal produce

Fish anyone? It’s fresh from the boat at Karavomylos harbour!

So next time you’re visiting and you hear the cries or airhorns pop outside and see what you can buy!