It is not the first time I share with you my excitement to go for a walk after a heavy rain. I explain to some of my guests sometimes that they should not get down by a small storm while on holidays here, as the sight of the sky, the clear atmosphere and the sea colors will compensate you the next day!

Last Friday was one of these days and after finishing running boring errands in the capital, I spent some special 20min to visit the new bridge.

The re-opening of the renovated De Bosset/Drepano Bridge at the capital of Argostoli offers today, to locals as well as holiday makers, a magical sight and a wonderful walk!

Spend an early morning or afternoon here on this special monument with the impressive stone column (obelisk) half way, built by the British (first in 1813). The walk offers panoramic views of the capital, the port and the impressive nature reserve, the Koutavos Lagoon, a feeding ground for the turtles caretta caretta, wild ducks, black headed hens and swans, a variety of fish and a stop for many migrating birds.  For more info on the capital Argostoli check here and for the Bridge check here