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Sesoulas Traditional Bakery, Argostoli

by Anna Votsi

This small, local traditional bakery ‘Sesoulas’ was first founded by the Patsi family in 1890. As an eight year old, street seller, Aristofanis Pollatos started his career in the local bakery. He soon became irreplaceable, though his young age and took lead of the business using some of the traditional tools of that time like a baking pan, a wooden spoon, a handful of almonds, a little sugar, a bag of coal and succeeded in making the first traditional candy of Kefalonia, the mandola! 

Lina and her husband George, the current owners are the 4th generation of the family. They continue to keep the family tradition and high quality and combine them with a modern approaches, bringing them into the 21st century. 

The name ‘Sesoulas’ literally means a large scoop which is used when buying in bulk, which to this day one can still walk in to the bakery and see, smell and taste the overflowing, freshly, daily, baked goods. These products are continuously replenished throughout the day to welcome their  customers. Freshly baked biscuits from all kinds of ingredients create delicious aromas such as ouzo, aniseed, grape, must, vanilla, cinnamon, fresh butter and chocolate. Try their homemade ‘Tsoureki’ made with a combination of machlepi, orange and Masticha. Hard for the locals and visitors to resist! 

For an extra special wedding ask Sesoulas to prepare a ‘wish table’ outside the church or at your wedding reception full of traditional Kefalonian delights! Glasses overflowing with mandoles and platters with barboule, quince, nougat and lemon flavoured macaroons, will delight your guests. These impressive and symbolic favours, with sugared-almonds and bright red mandoles, are a traditional Greek wedding gift for your guests leaving them with the ‘sweetest’ memory of your special day.

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Sesoulas-Pollatos, pastry shop |

11 Sotiros str , Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece
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