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August Calendar of Events in Kefalonia!

by Anna Votsi

August holds many fantastic opportunities to get involved with events, festivals and dances! 

Here is a small selection to choose from, check out the links for more information, look out for posters around the island advertising other events.

1st/2nd  at Platis Gyalos, Fikia Beach, Marina Argostoliou, Ktima Haritatou, Annoula Beach, Alsos Kalitheas, SeaNema Open Air Film Festival – transforms idyllic beaches and other seaside spots of Kefalonia into a charming outdoor movie theater.

1st  at Panagi Valianou paved road, Argostoli “Rewind, the band live” the band Greek rock, pop and rock and roll music at 21.30

2nd/3rd at Bell Square,  Argostoli– Annual Gastronomy and Wine tasting Day,  accompanied with music and dance performances at 20.30.

3rd at Skala – Arietas and kantades from 21.30 in the streets of the village

3th/4th/5th at Old Vlachata, SamiSaristra Festival – a Music & Art Festival held in the abandoned village

4th – at the Botanical Garden in Argostoli – Jazz at the Lake –  at 21:30

5th at Mazarakata – Glyptothiki Mema Kalogiratou, 20.00 Tribute to the work of Gerassimos Sklavos (1927-1967) famous Kefalonian Sculptor.

Fragata Festival

5th at the primary school, Lixouri. Concert with Eleonora Zouganeli,  15 euros/entrance fee

5th at  Valeriano – Racing, 8,3km Fokeia 2018, 18.30

5th  at Poros – Litany of the metamorphosis of Sotiros with philharmonic orchestra, 20.30

5th-17th at Lixouri Shinias – Exhibition of local products and crafts by the women of the village , 20.00-23.00

8th at Agonas –  Thinaia Gi, 5th road racing 7,1km

9th  at Argostoli – Varkarola starting at 21.30 on the bridge with cantades

Fragata Festival

10th at Troianata – Feast of Grape Harvest and Moustalevria (grape pudding) , 21.00

10th at Assos -Panagia Plakoula (church on the way to the castle) concert with live greek lyric music,  20.30

11th at Trapezaki beach – Kantada and riganada night, 20.30

11th at Agia Efimia – Concert of Foteini Velesiotou- Anastasia Moutsatsou,  21.00

11th/12th at OmalaRobola Festival at Valsamata , 21.00

12th at Lourdata – Colour Festival, a party with music and dance,  19.00

13th at Pyrgi – Round of Pyrgi road race, 3,5km, 18.30

14th at Arginia – Traditional Feast – Panygiri and late liturgy

14th at Markopoulo – Snake Virgin Mary Festival and late liturgy,

14th at Simotata – Traditional Feast -Panygiri,  20.00

14th at Monastery of Adeliko, Pylaros – Celebration and Traditional Feast,  21.00

14th at Pastra – Celebration and Traditional Feast,  21.00

15th at Agrilia, Sami– Litany of Virgin Mary with Philharmonic,  11.30 am

15th at Haliotata– Traditional Feast / Panygiri,  21.00

15th & 16th at Komitata – Traditional Feast / Panygiri,  21.00

16th at Argostoli –  St Gerassimo Litany on the bridge,  20.30

16th at Skala – St Gerassimo Litany, 20.00

16th at Pyrgi – Annual Traditional Feast / Panygiri, 21.00

17th at Lamia church, Dilinata Traditional Feast / Panygiri, 21.00

18th at Lourdata – Varkarola 21.00

18th/19th at Fragata, Omala – 40 years Robola Festival, 21.00

19th at Valianos square, Argostoli – Veggera, Open Art Installation 2018, 21.30

19th at the theatre of Kalithea, Lakithra, – Philharmonic music,  21.00

19th at Sami – Music night with kandades, 21.30

20th at Themata Monastery,- Feast of Breeders – live music and dance,  19.30

20th at Skala – Greek love song night, 21.30

21th at Argostoli – Kantades, from  21.00 around the streets of the town

21st at Lixouri, central square – Music concert,  21.30

22nd at Argostoli, Valianos square – Greek music concert,  21.30

22nd at Sami central square – Loutra Samis Virgin Mary celebrations, 21.00

23rd at Assos – Swimming Contests & Celebrations of St Kosmas,  11.00am

23rd at Sami – Litany of Virgin Mary Loutriotissa, 20.00, and 22.00 concert

24th at Assos Varkarola at 21.30 and all day celebrations of Kosmas Aitolos

24th at Tzanata – Feast of Meatpie ( κρεατόπιτα) with music and dance, 20.30

24th at Livadi, Lixouri – Traditional Feast / Panygiri celebrating St Dionysios

25th at Fokata, Livathos – Sardela (sardine) Feast, 21.00

26th & 27th at St Nikolas churchLixouri – Panygiri celebrating St Fanourios

27th at Argostoli, Valianos central square – Music from Serbia – Abrasevic,  20.30

27th at Sissiotisa– St. Fanourios’s Day

27th at Skala – Kantades around the streets of the town from 20.00

27th at Poros – Kantades around the streets of the town, 10:00am

28th at Lixouri – Abrasevic Serbian music,  20.30

29th at Karavomylos, Dilinata & Ratzakli– St. John the Baptist ‘s Day,

30th at Valianos square, Argostoli – Music night, 21.00

31th at palm tree road of Argostoli – Grupo Buenaventura, Latin American music concert,   20.30

31st-2nd Sept – 4th Ionian VolksFest Kefalonia Organised by the Classic Car Club of Kefalonia

Here you can download the programme of all the events (in Greek) as published by the municipality

[pdf-embedder url=”https://www.kefaloniabyanna.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Kefaloniasummer2018.pdf”]

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