Kefalonia Botanica was established in 1998 at the initiative of the Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation. Its original aims were the preservation and display of the wild and endemic plants of Kefalonia and the promotion of environmental issues.

Kefalonia Botanica is situated 2 km from the centre of Argostoli and today covers 10,000 sq.m terrain. The need to create an educational botanic garden emerged from the fact that, though Greece has the richest and most varied flora in Europe, very few botanic gardens-research centres are located in the country. The Greek flora is under threat from summer fires, urban development, overgrazing and tourism. It is imperative to learn how to preserve plant populations and how to use them in context of sustainable development.

Kefalonia Botanica – which is running field environmental programmes for kindergarten and primary school children – aims to raise public awareness of problems relating to the environment and its protection. Looking to secure the necessary financial support, Kefalonia Botanica will develop the appropriate infrastructure for the promotion of scientific research in the field of Botany at national and international level, through various collaborations and the exchange of scientific personnel.

Human intervention on the site was initially confined to the preservation of existing plants by the removal of dead branches, weeds etc., the tracing of paths and the creation of a watercourse. Several herbs were planted in a specific area, subsequently enriched by various Ionian wild plants.

Gradually the site will develop plant habitats such as forest, maquis, phrygana, grassland, which will include special plant collections according to their use in medicine, cooking, floriculture etc. Thus, Kefalonia Botanica will present “Edible Plants”, “Aromatic Plants”, “Plants in Mythology”, “Plants in Folklore” and other plant collections, which the visitor will be able to access through specific routes. The aim is to preserve, educate and at the same time delight the visitor.

2008 saw the creation of a man-made small lake holding 500 cu.m. of water. This water resource, featuring Mediterranean water plants and mosquito-control fish, extends and enriches the area open to the visitor, and adds to the content of the environmental educational activities. It also acts as a valuable reservoir in the event of a brush fire.

With a 5 euro ticket you can visit both the museum and the gardens.
Opening times Monday – Saturday 09:00-14:00 last entrance 13:30

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