For those staying in the area of Pylaros, this is a great opportunity to explore the area, enjoying unspoilt views of Agia Efimia, Sami bay and Pylaros valley while discovering the Agia Dynati mountain. If you want to walk this trail, you will need to take the road next to the pharmacy of Agia Efimia (it is quite sloped for at least 3km) and head to old Tarkassata village. On your way there you can admire beautiful views from Agia Efimia and Ithaca island.

The village of Tarkassata stands at an altitude of 415m (approx 6 km from Agia Efimia) and is known as the village of Stone. It was destroyed from the earthquakes of 1953 and was abandoned ever since, the ruins can give you an idea of the traditional architecture of the houses before the earthquake. 110 people were recorded on the census of 1940. It is said that the location was selected to get protected from the pirates, as the village would be hidden into the green oak forest while controlling the sea, overlooking the bay of Sami.

Next stop is the Monastery of Mother of God, known as Themata (read more here) a great place to relax and have a pic nic under the holm oak forest and get a cool breeze even in the hot summer months !

You can return to Agia Efimia, taking the Drakopoulata signed trail, so you can walk through another ruined village that has a few beautiful renovated houses and then pass through Makriotika and the main road to Agia Efimia.

If you do not enjoy walking for so many hours, you can drive up to Themata Monastery and stop on the mid way to visit the village of Tarkassata (you will see the sign on the side of the road) .