It is not the first time I present you the two beautiful beaches under the isolated village of Komitata with the unique views towards Ithaca!

Some of my guests have complained that this is a scary road…and I understand that as it is quite narrow with many abrupt turns, but the  asphalt is good and the breathtaking views compensate the effort!!!

Its worth taking a walk to the village of Komitata on your way up, built on the steep cliffs, isolated yet proudly enjoying some of the best views on the island! Stop for a short coffee here at the local cafe and walk around some interesting houses that artistically can combine traditional with contemporary materials and fake with real beautiful flowers.

On your way down to Horgota and Agia Sophia  beaches it’s worth stopping several times to enjoy the views of the open Ionian sea and beautiful Ithaca Island.

Agia Sophia beach will travel you back to your childhood age and even if you do not decide to swim here, you feel tempted to scroll across the coast and observe the remains of the old houses and their memories. Olive trees are almost touching the sea. Here you can find serenity even in the busy August days.

Enjoy some photos from yesterday!