Reminiscent of the 1960’s, find two beautiful bays to relax…

Along the east coastline, between Agia Efimia and Fiskardo one can find several bays for swimming though most of them are not accessible from land, only by boat, except Agia Sofia and Horgota beaches.

Agia Sofia and ithaca

Agia Sofia and Ithaka

In order to access these beaches you need to follow the sign at the village of Komitata, located approx 20km from Agia Efimia. The road down to the beaches has some of the best views of the island, you can enjoy amazing sea views as well as admire closely most part of Ithaca island. Even if you do not want to swim, it is worth taking this road just to admire the views.

The first beach you will approach is Horgota beach, famous for its scene on the Hollywood film Captain Corellis Mandolin (

The beach is pebbled and if you are sensitive you may need special shoes. The beach is not organised and the scenery brings memories back from postcards of the 60’s. A few meters further down one can reach the beach of Agia Sofia. There is enough natural shade in both beaches and the sun goes relatively early as they look at the east, so if you are a sun seeker come early.

Often yachts shelter here for the night. It is worth visiting and a great location for snorkelling or diving.