The sun is out, the sky is blue… what better time than to hop on a scooter and explore this beautiful island? Contact Ainos bikes Kefalonia, to rent one!

Travelling around on a scooter has to be one of the best ways to experience the island. Feed your senses with the wind in your face blowing an immense variety of aromas – sea air, wild herbs, blossoms, grilled meats, church incense, goats (not all of them will be pleasant!). Accessibility can be so much easier than with a car, rental prices are usually great value and not having to pedal has it’s obvious bonuses!

You can visit places far more intimately, and off the beaten track with a scooter, it’s easy to park and cheap to run.

Kefalonia offers 254 km of coastline, and endless opportunities for spectacular rides – the road from Argostoli to Agia Efimia predominantly follows the coast, giving you amazing perspectives on the landscape and sea.

Or, take a scooter to the top of Ainos for incredible panoramic island views. Ride through the wild, rocky scenery and cypress trees of Erissos, glide across the flat landscape of Paliki and discover it’s strange sandy formations, or motor through the vineyards of the Omala Valley.

In the south follow the coastal road and watch the landscapes change past endless sandy beaches and bays, or cut up into the mountains for a birds eye view all the way out to Zakynthos (Zante).

Emily Peilan, a freelance photographer* from New Zealand came to Kefalonia a few days ago, travelling solo with a scooter. Throughout her travel she met many friendly and generous locals, and felt extremely safe on (and off) the roads!

Enjoy a little video I made while exploring Kefalonia with her!


*For more info on her work visit her website

Always wear a helmet and suitable clothing when riding a scooter!