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Kefalonia Horse Riding Stable

Pantelis Deftereos is the owner and manager of the stable. From a young age, he has been involved with horses, caring for them, training them and riding. Horses are his passion, his hobby and his life.

Kefalonia Horse Riding Stable

Since the early 2000’s he has devoted much of his time to training and retraining horses with problematic behaviour, and for riding and carriage. For over 10 years he has taken part in competition riding, both jumping and dressage, with great success on many occassions. Currently, he is investing his time in coaching and training, and attending seminars governed by the FÉDÉRATION EQUESTRE INTERNATIONALE.

When people ask “why ride?”, he responds that riding is a hobby that calms you while at the same time helping you exercise.

Studies equate 40 minutes of riding to 90 minutes of jogging!

So visit their stables and enjoy the calm character of their horses and the beauty of our island.

These are the services provided:

  1. Saddle up at about 8:00 a.m., head towards the beach and return around noon, before the sun gets too hot.
  2. Ride with harmony. If you want to enjoy the harmony of nature, take the mountain trails, and ride through the local forest and olive groves.
  3. Riding for beginners. They will teach you to become an independent rider, by working with you in establishing a tailor designed Training Programme.
  4. Educational. Come visit the stables and find out more about horses and riding. Group or school visits are welcome to visit their stables and learn more about the care and life of horses as well as riding as a hobby or professionally.

Contact Info

Please mention Kefalonia By Anna when you contact Kefalonia Horse Riding Stable to get your treat!

Kefalonia Horse Riding Stable | Pantelis Deftereos

Skala, Kefalonia, Greece +30  6974077382