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Are there environmental and volunteer groups on the island?

by Sarah O

There are several groups on the island that are involved in environmental protection and education, some of which are organised and run by volunteers. There are also groups that you can volunteer to help!

Environmental Centre of Mountain Ainos The Environmental Center Of Mount Ainos is responsible for the protection and conservation of the National Park.

The Katelios Group for the Research and Protection of Marine and Terrestrial Life is concerned with researching and protecting the dramatically declining physical environment and aims through its activities to find solutions to local environmental problems and to promote sustainable development, by working with interested organisations and individuals.

Wildlife Sense is a sea turtle research & conservation organization with a mission to protect endangered sea turtles and their natural habitats, offer a unique learning experience to the volunteers who join our efforts, and promote public awareness.

Kefalonia Botanica was established in 1998 at the initiative of the Focas-Cosmetatos Foundation. Its original aims were the preservation and display of the wild and endemic plants of Kefalonia and the promotion of environmental issues.

Animal Rescue Kefalonia (ARK) was founded on October 2011, by a team of animal loving people that live in Argostoli with the collaboration and help of the municipality of Kefalonia who provided the land for the shelter.

Traverso – Social Workshop & Festival Traverso aims to provide an opportunity for people to meet, socialize, exchange ideas, skills, experiences and feelings. They believe that communication and coiling is the best way to solve problems and enjoy life at the same time. Therefore, they are open to co-operation with individuals and communities, provided that they share our vision and pursue similar goals. They call all like-minded people to join them, the more the better!