Would you like to try something new? Are you interested in enhancing your travel experience?  Would you like to “taste” Kefalonia in a fun and informative way?

Do you dream of perfecting a local dish and then eating your creation with a small like-minded group by the seaside? Would you like to know more about making organic soap from local produce? Or learn how to make cheese in the traditional way? Ever wondered how we milk the animals?

You can watch the production of local sweets, mandolas, bake traditional bread and eat riganada; make wax ointments and rose water; learn about the life of the bees; learn about olives and olive oil production; visit a vineyard and have a wine tour; join a local panygiri and eat goat stew; learn about chickens and eggs and then try local strapatsada egg dish; be guided around an organic farm…the possibilities are amazing!

Experience cooking lessons, fishing, cheese making, milking and so much more! We have many ideas and options for your taste of Kefalonia!

Contact us for tailor made experiences, in small groups, visiting local producers and learn about local products and dishes. Certain experiences will be seasonal, for example local festivals and some husbandry so check what’s available with us on the dates you are visiting.


For more info contact kefaloniaactivities@gmail.com

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