This old tradition some say comes from the Venetians of the 16th century who used to throw all their old and useless objects and pots out of their windows, others say comes from Pagans symbolizing the welcoming of spring…

Whatever the origin of this tradition is, it stays alive many years now at mid day of Holy Saturday, in the Ionian islands and mainly at Corfu.

The last years, Kefalonian’s have relived the tradition and now days crowds gather in the main square of Argostoli to celebrate Christ’s first resurrection. They witness the breaking of the pots that symbolizes the victory of life against death and good against evil.  Cheerful red banners are hanged from the balconies.

Once the bells ring 12 o’clock the breaking of the pot starts, the philharmonic bands accompany with triumphant music and then live folklore music and dance takes over! A very special tradition that traveller will witness if travelling to Kefalonia during the Orthodox Easter!